How does mountaintop removal affect the environment?

Wanda Lemke asked a question: How does mountaintop removal affect the environment?
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▶️ How does mountaintop coal removal cause environmental damage?

Mountaintop mining is a widespread practice in eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and southwestern Virginia. It involves removing forests, clearing topsoil and using explosives to expose buried coal. Excess rock is pushed into nearby valleys, disturbing habitats and blocking streams.

▶️ How is mountaintop removal an environmental problem?

The Adverse Effects of Mountaintop Removal. Mountaintop removal is a great threat to the environment. According to a study by Austin 2011, the methods of obtaining coal …

▶️ How is mountaintop removal an environmental justice issue?

Mountaintop removal coal mining could not happen in a wealthy community, and therefore it is an environmental justice issue. We need the EPA to take mountaintop removal, toxic drinking water, and other impacts of coal in Appalachia seriously as an environmental justice issue. Please use the comment form below.

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How Does Mountaintop Removal Affect the Environment 1. Fish. Since the water quality in the Appalachian area decreased due to many pollutants, fish experience habitat... 2. Birds. In Appalachia, there are many birds species which depend on mature forest habitats. The American Bird... 3. Forests…

So the best way to stop mountaintop removal is to develop a substitute for coal, the most available “low-hanging fruit”. In a world increasingly dependent on electricity generated by the conversion of stored potential energy (coal) to kinetic energy (electricity), this will take some time to get the economics more favorably against coal and towards alternate (and hopefully) renewable energy sources.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that mountaintop removal “valley fills” are responsible for burying more than 2,000 miles of vital Appalachian headwater streams, and poisoning many more.

Mountaintop Removal Is Harming Animals, the Environment, and YOU! - One Green Planet. A new study shows that streams near mountaintop removal sites have half the fish population they normally do.

What is mountaintop removal and what is its environmental impact? The impacts on communities of blowing up mountains and dumping the rubble into streams are profound. It forces residents to contend with contaminated drinking water, increased flooding, dangerous coal slurry impoundments, and higher rates of cancer and other health issues.

So we must react strongly and quickly when our water is damaged or threatened, which in eastern Kentucky is, unfortuately, widespread and severe from mountaintop removal and other forms of mining. This includes surface water, ground water and even municipal water supplies that use for their source waterways polluted by coal companies.

How does mountaintop removal affect the Appalachian Mountains? The impacts on communities of blowing up mountains and dumping the rubble into streams are profound. It forces residents to contend with contaminated drinking water, increased flooding, dangerous coal slurry impoundments, and higher rates of cancer and other health issues.

List of Cons of Mountaintop Removal 1. It can harm the environment. Detractors of mountaintop removal argue that it has a huge negative effect on the... 2. It exposes people to health and safety hazards.

Communities near mountaintop removal sites frequently experience contaminated drinking water supplies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that iron and manganese concentrations surpass drinking water guidelines in at least 40% of wells on the Appalachian Plateau, and in about 70% of the wells near reclaimed surface coal mines of the region.

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