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Brave new world: Simple changes in intensity of weather events could be lethal

#Hurricane #Dorian is the latest example of a frightening trend. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, more severe and more widespread as a consequence of climate change. New research from Washington University in St. Louis provides important new insights into how different species... Read More


Mineral never before found naturally on Earth discovered in meteorite | by Bob Yirka ,

A team of researchers from the California Institute of Technology, the University of California and Maine Mineral & Gem Museum has found a mineral in a meteorite that does not form naturally on Earth. In their paper published in the journal American Mineralogist, the group describes their stu... Read More

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Amazon: On the edge of the burnt rainforest | by University of Helsinki

The flames have been smothered in the lush rainforest, but the impacts of the degradation are likely to last.The fate of the plants, animals and habitats on the edges of Amazonia remains as yet uncertain, but investigations are being carried out by a project funded by the Academy of Finland and... Read More


What happens if the Antarctic ice sheet becomes destabilized | By Louisiana State University

Phil Bart has traveled to Antarctica seven times since the late 1980s—a feat that very few can say. Thirty years is a microscopic blip on a geological time scale, and although the continent's ice cover may seem to be stable, there are ongoing changes that have been affecting the icy landscape ov... Read More

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