Are dimples genetic or environmental?

Christophe McLaughlin asked a question: Are dimples genetic or environmental?
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Dimples are usually considered a dominant genetic trait, which means that one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause dimples. However, some researchers say that there is no proof that dimples are inherited. Little research has been done to explore the genetics of dimples and it is not known which gene or genes may be involved.

We haven't even got into the dimple gene that might be masked by a similar penetrance mechanism or may appear in the children by some other mechanism. Below is a link to an eye color question that shows some other ways that genes can "break the rules." As you can see, genetics can get pretty complicated.

Dimples either exists permanently or forms in the cheeks when one smiles. What most people do not know is that dimples are actually genetic defects. Yes, don’t be surprised. The truth is that these depressions are caused by shortened facial muscles.

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Environmental Variation: The environmental variation is the alteration of the phenotype of a particular genotype as a response to the environment. Examples Genetic Variation: Coat colors of animals, skin color, hair color, the color of the eye, freckles, and dimples are the examples of genetic variations.

Dimples usually happen on both cheeks, but a single indentation on one cheek is rare. Genetic Australia further explains that if both the parents have dimples, the children have 50-100 percent chances of inheriting dimple genes. If only one parent has dimple genes, the chances of the children inheriting the genes are 50 percent.

Cheek dimples are technically known as Fovea buccalis. They occur in both sexes without any preponderance. It is a genetic defect or deformity that causes the irregular growth of a certain facial muscle during embryonic development. The muscle that is shortened is responsible for stretching or pulling our lips behind into corners when we smile.

Let's go a bit deeper to see what I mean. As you've said, dimples are dominant over not having dimples. In genetics, the dimple version of a gene is D and the non-dimpled version is d. Remember, we have two copies of most of our genes, one from mom and one from dad. You will have dimples if both copies are D (DD) or if only one is D (Dd).

Although dimples do look attractive, yet medical science has proven that the dimples occur because of a genetic deformity. Yet this is the most wanted type of genetic deformity that most wish to have!

Dimples are small folds or indentations in the fleshy part of the cheek. They are the result of a minor muscle deformity which causes the skin of the cheek t...

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Genetic and environmental influences on temperament in the first year of life: the Puerto Rico Infant Twin Study (PRINTS) Twin Res Hum Genet . 2005 Aug;8(4):328-36. doi: 10.1375/1832427054936808.

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Genetic diversity of all populations was affected by many environmental factors and as well correlated with warm index and soil Olsen phosphorus (SOP) concentration…

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Extreme heat. Being exposed to extreme heat may also cause mutations. The environment we live in has a real impact on whether we experience genetic mutations. The quality of water we drink and the air we breathe can actually effect the integrity of our DNA.

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The most common known cause is genetic, but the largest group, unfortunately, There have been amazing advances in embryology, teratology, reproductive biology, genetics, and epidemiology in the past 50 years that have provided scientists and clinicians with a better perspective on the causes of congenital malformations.

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The pattern will be disrupted when migration, colonization or mating are under the influence of ecological factors [ 1, 4, 5 ]. Recently, genetic isolation-by-environment (IBE) was discovered as another important driver of adaptive divergence processes, related to both small-scale heterogeneity and short-term changes of the environment [ 6, 7 ].

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