After a major environmental change what happens to species?

Zena Dibbert asked a question: After a major environmental change what happens to species?
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▶️ Does environmental change affect animal species?

yes it dose

▶️ What happens after an environmental changes?

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE ENVIRONMENT CHANGES? The changes we cause are often severe challenges to animals , plants and microbes in nature or causing climatic change. On freshwater environments, especially lakes and ponds, some of them respond to environmental change with decreases

▶️ How does environmental change determine species distribution?

Monitoring and maintaining the environment Biodiversity is a measure of how many different species live in an ecosystem. Human activities like changing land use, deforestation and peat bog ...

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This Environmental Change caused the typical white peppered moth to become nearly extinct in England and the Melanic peppered moth became the dominate species of peppered moths. After the industrial revolution with less reliance on coal and better Environmental protection the tree became clean again. The cleaner trees was another Environmental Change. The dark colored melanic peppered moths again became a very small proportion of the peppered moths and the typical white moth again ...

Why would a species become extinct after a major environmental change? Extinction is often caused by a change in environmental conditions. If conditions change more quickly than a species can evolve, however, and if members of that species lack the traits they need to survive in the new environment, the likely result will be extinction.

After a major environmental change, what happens to species that do not adapt or move? - 12145443

These changes are the result of natural selection which suggests that nature selects those individuals which are fit for survival in drastic environmental conditions. According to the given situation, after a major environmental change the species which are not adapted to the changing conditions they are likely to extinct because adaptation increases the chances of survival of the organisms.

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We now know that major evolutionary changes can happen within a few generations, and can play important roles in the success of invading species and the ability of native species to persist as environments change. Evolution of antibiotic resistance is also a major challenge for controlling and treating infectious diseases.

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Biology, 09.12.2019 11:31, orlando979 After a major environmental change, what happens to species that do not adapt or move?

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While these are some of the biggest environmental problems plaguing our planet, there are many more that have not been mentioned, including overfishing, urban sprawl, toxic superfund sites and land use changes. While there are many facets that need to be considered in formulating a response to the crisis, they must be coordinated, practical and far-reaching enough to make enough of a difference.

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